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Internal Antenna Reception Booster Sticker

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    Internal Antenna Reception Booster Sticker


    The Internal Antenna Booster is a passive device designed to capture stray radiation in the body of the phone and re-radiate the signal to improve the phone's performance. Now you can use your cell phone in elevators, car, boat, mountain, tunnel, buildings and more..... It's like having a ten foot antenna on your phone.

    Internal Antenna Reception Booster Sticker Features

    • Install in seconds.

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    Internal Antenna Reception Booster Sticker compatible with

    • Apple iPhone 4 S
    • Samsung Galaxy S4 Active SGH-I537,Mega6.3 I9200(304),Galaxy S IV / S4 GT-I9500,Rugby III A997,ATIV Odyssey, Admire 4G,M400,Galaxy Express I437,Galaxy Reverb M950, Ativ S I8750, Galaxy Rush M830,Galaxy Note II N7100,Galaxy Stellar, Galaxy Ace 2 I8160,Galaxy S Relay 4G (Galaxy S Blaze Q) SGH-T699, Array / Montage SPH-M390,Galaxy S Lightray 4G / SCH-R940, Entro,SGH-T159,Jitterbug Plus, Intensity III SCH-U485, SGH-A157, Galaxy Appeal, GALAXY Note SGH-T879, Chrono 2, Freeform 4,Galaxy S III SCH-I535, Galaxy S III SPH-L710,Galaxy S III SGH-T999,Galaxy S III SGH-I747, Focus 2 SGH-I667,Galaxy S III i9300 (Global Version),Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD i757,Gusto 2,Galaxy S Aviator R930,Brightside U380,Rugby Smart i847, Galaxy S Blaze 4G,Convoy 2, Character CH-R640, Conquer 4G SPH-D600, Freeform III Comment, GALAXY S2 / SII I9100 Within, GALAXY S2 / SII I9100 Function, Gravity Smart SGH-T589, Dart SGH-T499, Exhibit 4G T759, Trender SPH-M380, Chrono SCH-R260,R261, C3300 Champ, Replenish M580, GALAXY S2 / SII I9100 Attain, Nexus S 4G, Galaxy Prevail M820,
    • BlackBerry Z10,Curve 9315 / 9320,Curve 9310,Curve 9380,Bold 9790,Torch 9860 (Monza 9860), Torch 9850, Torch2 9810, Bold 9900, Bold 9930 (Montana),
    • Casio G'zOne Ravine, G'zOne Commando C771, G'zOne Brigade C741, G'zOne Rock C731, Exilim C721, G'zOne Boulder, G'zOne Type-S, G'zOne Type-V,
    • HP Veer, Pre Plus, Pixi Plus,
    • HTC  First,One SV,Desire C (CDMA),Windows Phone 8S, DROID DNA, Windows Phone 8X, One VX, Droid Incredible 4G LTE,EVO 4G LTE,One X,One S,Wildfire S, Status /ChaCha, myTouch 4G Slide, 6350 Droid Incredible 2, Sensation 4G, Desire S,
    • Huawei Premia 4G M931,Ascend Y, Fusion 2 U8665, Pinnacle 2,Ascend Q M660,myTouch,myTouch Q, Activa 4G,Prism, Fusion U8652,Mercury, Ascend II M865, M835,
    • LG Optimus F3,Optimus F7 US780,Lucid 2 VS870,Spirit 4G MS870,Mach LS860, Eclipse 4G LTE/Optimus G LS970 (CDMA),Optimus L9,Optimus G E970, Escape, Splendor, Intuition, Motion 4G, Spectrum 2 VS930, Optimus M+ MS695, A340,Xpression C395, Optimus Elite LS696, Viper 4G LTE LS840, Lucid VS840, Rumor Reflex, Connect 4G MS840, Cosmos 2, Genesis US760, Wink Style T310, GS290, G2x /Optimus 2x, Optimus 7 E900, Thrill 4G (Optimus 3D), Thrive Phoenix,
    • Karbon A9+,
    • Kyocera Hydro XTRM,Torque,DuraXT,Rise Hydro
    • Motorola Electrify M, DROID RAZR MAXX HD, Droid RAZR M XT907,DROID RAZR HD XT926, Defy XT, Electrify 2, Photon Q, Atrix HD, EX124G, Droid Bionic Targa XT875, Photon 4G, Triumph, Droid 3 XT862, Theory WX430, Titanium, i412, XPRT, Droid X2, Clutch + i475,
    • Nokia   Lumia 1020, Vital,Lumia 925,Lumia 620,Lumia 820,Lumia 822, Lumia 920, 808 PureView,1616, 2680 Slide US, Nokia C3-01, X3-02, C6-01, 2730 classic, E72, E7, N97 mini,
    • Pantech  Discover, Flex, Marauder,Renue,Breeze III, Pursuit II, Crossover,
    • PCD Chaser,
    • Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8, XPERIA X10 Mini Pro, Cedar J108A, Aspen, Vivaz pro,
    • ZTE Engage LT,Force,Aspect, Avid 4G,Flash, Z431, Anthem 4G, Render, Engage, Concord,Z331,Adamant,Fury,R225, F160,
    • Google Nexus 4,
    • Sony Xperia ZL,Xperia S LT26i, Xperia P LT22i,
    • Sharp FX Plus,

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    • M. Bartlett :  (January 6, 2010)

      Before I installed the signal amplifier I would drop calls, not be able to hear people somethimes, have no signal at all, basically the phone was unusable in my house. Now I am able to make calls and use it again - AWESOME! Signal improvement was 5 bars all the time but I'll take the 1 or 2 bars any day as long as it was SOS with no bars before.

    • E. Pacheco :  (September 24, 2009)

      "The phone went from no reception in a house with Tec shield except within 1 foot of the window to practically perfect reception almost everywhere. "

    • Christopher Deline :  (December 7, 2009)

      I bought this device as a bit of a science experiment. For a couple of bucks, I figured that I couldn't go wrong. I put my Razr in test mode and had an initial signal strength of -74dBm. After placing the antenna on the back of the phone, the signal went up to -66 dBm, which is a pretty decent improvement for a little patch antenna sticker. Your results may vary, but it looks like it helped a bit on my phone.

    • Sarah A. :  (November 7, 2009)

      It has helped me to be able to sit in my chair in my living room and use my cell phone. I still have some prpblems but it has to do with where I live.

    • Shauna M. :  (October 17, 2009)

      I purchased this item because my son is in Navy A School and when he is in his barracks his phone would only work on the window ledge. I purchased the antenna booster for him and he is now able to use his phone anywhere in the barracks. It really worked.

    • Kenshu :  (November 17, 2007)

      Our house is in the fringe of reception. Before installation our cell phones would ring inside on their chargers, but we would always have to walk out to the front porch to talk. The Booster gave us one more bar. It was easy to install and both of our cell phones get better reception. We can usually talk on the phones inside the house now. Our reception is still not perfect and the improvement, although worth the price, is not as great as I had expected based on the advertising. I will, however recommend the product to my friends.